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piyoje is a drupal based project management tool. it is all free and unlimited in any ways.

Film lister

Network site

Film lister is a delicate web site for movie listing. It crawls all the movies in IMDB and shows every movie sorted by it's weighted rating.

By simply clicking on watched, i like or i dislike, user defines the movie as watched and give the opinion about it, so others can see if the user liked the movie or not.

It can be also possible to add the movie in user's watchlist, so user wouldn't see the movie again in the "All movies" list - which saves user from seeing same movie again and again when trying to discover new movies!-

Music is open

Own project

Piyote thinks Musicisopen.org is the new huge thing on the internet.

Piyote come out with the idea that music has to be free and open source to everyone. So we can enjoy it as we like, create our own music and listen to others creations.

We don't have to be stuck on cheap, unqualified, forced things as the "music". Real creations shouldn't be done under the pressure of selling.

Music is not a material.


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Resimlimecmua.com is actually an online magazine which content is created by the community. Users can write about any interesting topic, of course if the editor publishes.

After the last camera revolution, many people reached technical equipments, which caused addition of millions of new visual content to the internet. Resimli mecmua's main objective is to filter these good content from the useless ones, and do it in Turkish.


Network site

Sahafkitap.org is a website includes book reviews and the short stories of it's own users. This is a long term project and need many people who loves literature.

It's objective is to create qualified, rich Turkish content about books and writers.

When the site reaches enough number of people, the function "Ask me" will be very useful for the information exchange between it's users.