Okul arıyorum

Okul arıyorum is a project to help parents to find suitables schools for their children. It becomes harder and harder to decide which school will the children sent and see if the education system is suitable for children.

Okul ariyorum offers to help parents by giving the real information about the schools, collected by the professionals.

The puzzle machine

Piyote loves challenges! She is working on a great an fun project for the crossword puzzle lovers!

The main idea is to create full automated cross words puzzles in any language and in any choosen topic(s).

Piyote works on the machine's brain at the moment, she will probably make the machine solve the mistery behind the crossword puzzle making!

Beyaz cüce

Beyaz cüce (white dwarf) is a research about machine understanding. The aim is to teach the machine to understand a given word, so we can create new amazing applications!

Imagine that you send the text to Beyaz cüce and it returns the keywords of the text, using an API. This sounds really good but it's not an easy project as you can imagine. So piyote works on it very hard.