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And how do they discipline themselves

  • Working remote

Piyote is a distributed company. Our members are all over the world at the moment and we are happy to add more telecommuting people to our company. 

Work remotely

So why not having an office?

  • Talent is precious to us. If we have the chance to work with a designer from Indonesia, we won't miss it just because of the location
  • Having an office is boring. When you are able to work from anywhere you like, why would you limit yourself to a single location?
  • The technology is allowing us to communicate daily and properly. Since everyone has the freedom, we still discipline ourselves to keep communicated and respect to each others needs
  • We travel together to see new locations. This allows us to reduce our vacation times, so we can work as we spend our weekends counted as holidays.
  • Travelling helps us to meet new talents all over the world. 

Telecommute work


Have you considered working remotely?

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