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or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to be organised

Support can be complicated if the company is not organised. Especially after a certain number of clients, being organised means everything.

  • New client onboarding

First a team must be defined properly and clearly

Support team anatomy

In every team, there should some active members:

  • Team Leader: A team leader is the head of a team, manages every member in the team and distributes tasks among the team.
  • Analyst: To understand the requirements of the request and pass it to the developers.
  • Backend developer: They get the scopes from the analyst and start building the backend work of the feature.
  • Designer: They design the feature as the client requested.
  • Front end developer: They get the code from the backend developer and the designer, they finalise the work.

Engineer work week

A support engineer has many clients, we distribute the work to our engineers depending on their availability. 

Support Ticketing

The ticketing workflow is strong on our end.

Drupal new client welcoming workflow

From the very beginning to the end, we make sure every step is planned ahead.

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