A digital initiative
specialized on
blockchain technologies, software development, digital product creation

We are the driving force behind a number of awesome companies.

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What We Do?

The main services and companies that we have powered so far:

Wodo Network

Wodo Network is an opensource platform offering a wide range of solutions to adopt blockchain and metaverse technologies

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Dama Future Technologies

Dama is a digital product creation company serving her enterprise clients.

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Student Ally

Digital infrastructure to empower students, assist administrators, and build communities with the power to end sexual assault.

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Define the problem

The company or the service must be answering a real life question.


Weigh in

We bring our core team to structure the new company or the service.


Help to operate

We stay in the operation during the lifetime of the company or the service.

Our Strategy

How do we operate?

We either power a company from scratch by ourselves or partner up with a third party initiative by becoming a curicial part of the company structure.

We make sure that we don't lose our values on the way to create a service or a company. Our success is directly linked to our dedication on the solutions that we are building.